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Ascend Quarterly 2024 Newsletter: (April-June)

Updated: Jul 9

Dear Ascend Friends,

As the chair of Ascend, I am pleased to write to you in our second quarterly newsletter for 2024. For those who don’t know me, I’m Patty Altherr from Switzerland. I’ve chaired Ascend's board since January 2022. My background with the ICRC and my time in conflict areas, including the Afghan border, has shown me that women often bear a disproportionate burden in situations of violence and/or poverty. They doubt themselves and yet they embody resilience and strength, putting their own needs last, giving hope to others. This experience drives my vision of elevating women’s self-confidence and fostering true partnership between women and men. I am honored to be part of Ascend, where I can help realize this vision.

It has been a significant year for Ascend, with our return to the field in Afghanistan and the opening of new programs in Pakistan. This progress is made possible through our collective understanding and shared goal of bringing opportunities to women in areas where they are limited or nonexistent. During my fall visit to Pakistan, I joined the Instructor Trainees and got to know them better—their dreams, goals, concerns, fears, and hopes. Spending several days in the classroom and out and about with them was a privileged time for sharing our ideas. Together, as a team, we design and adapt the programs—their programs—to match the needs of the moment, leading to a better future. As we all walk this journey side by side, we become more aware of new possibilities and new themes that need to be addressed. Our programs evolve, and I really appreciate our flexibility and reactivity in choosing the best path for the present moment, matching our vision of tomorrow.

Our vision is to expand Ascend’s programs to reach more young women worldwide. To achieve this, we need to grow our network and donor base, including skillsets, experience, contacts, and new ways to donate. More details are provided further down in this newsletter.

Thank you for being part of this journey. I am convinced that together, we can continue to empower women and create lasting change.


Patty Altherr

Newsletter 2024 (July)
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