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Since its founding in 2014, Ascend’s mission has been to empower girls through high-quality, high-impact sports-based leadership training.


Ascend runs a two-year, holistic leadership development program based on sport and civic engagement. Participants gain tools and skills that will serve them throughout their lives. We focus on serving in places where women and girls are most marginalized. Each year, we recruit a new team of girls aged 15-24 to embark on a challenging two-year mountaineering program to become the next generation of leaders.


Ascend participants train multiple days a week. We develop strong bodies and strong minds through physical fitness, community volunteering projects, mental health awareness, rock climbing, trekking and camping, and team-building activities. The second-year team mentors the first-year team and alumnae stay connected with the program through the Ascend Alumnae Association, creating an Ascend network of accomplished and supportive women around the world.


Ascend focuses on building and strengthening the whole girl through Ascend’s 5 program pillars.

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