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Ascend Quarterly 2024 Newsletter: (Jan - March)

Dear Ascend Friends,

As we gather for our very first quarterly newsletter, I find myself reflecting on the impact of the work we do here at Ascend. Every day, our staff, volunteers, participants, beneficiaries from all corners of the globe unite to champion inequality - many of them women. Through their leadership, they instill values of discipline, professionalism, teamwork, and perseverance, empowering the girls we reach to realize their full potential. 

From Pakistan to Afghanistan -- after nearly a year of operations in both countries, we’ve witnessed significant improvements in the mental and physical health of our participants. We've also created career opportunities and watched our instructor trainees evolve into leaders. Within just a year, they've reached over a thousand girls through outreach and community service, and we're excited about the strides made.

However, it's equally important to acknowledge the impact of not doing this work. The absence of initiatives like ours means fewer opportunities for personal growth, fewer chances for girls to discover their talents, and fewer avenues for them to pursue their dreams. It also means a loss for our communities as a whole, as we miss out on the diverse perspectives, talents, and contributions that HER potential can bring to the table.

As we press forward in our mission, I celebrate the impact of our presence made possible by your generosity and I ask that we remain steadfast in our commitment to the girls who deserve every opportunity to soar.

With each moment of growth, every boost in self-confidence, and every new height reached, we're reminded of the profound impact of a single gift—one door opened, one life changed.

With our deepest gratitude,

Marina Legree

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