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Update from Kabul

We stand with our girls. We stand with them as they find themselves in increasingly disparate circumstances - on the ground in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world.

We stand with them in Afghanistan, where we continue to support possible avenues for safe evacuation. We welcome today's pledge from 98 countries to take in those travelling out of the country - but much more needs to be done.

We stand with them across the world, where they are doing their best to cope with the distress caused by the perilous journey and the trauma of leaving family members behind. As they embark on the resettlement process, we are focused on providing them much needed mental health support - wherever they are.

We call on the international community to stand with our girls. Accelerate the issuance of travel documentation. Ensure safe passage for those left behind, and for the families of those who have been able to leave. Time is running out.

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