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Update from Ascend

3 main items today. The most pressing of which relates to a number of grounded planes at Mazar-i-Sharif international airport, which has our people as well as US citizens and green card holders on them. We are urging the involved parties to ensure these planes are able to get airborne. As always we appreciate any assistance in amplifying this ask. Read more in our Instagram story.

We had a reminder yesterday of how amazing our girls are. Despite being stuck in a refugee camp in difficult conditions, they have created a routine around exercise, whilst leading and inspiring others to join. A huge win for their physical and mental health. This has been a bit of a surprise to some of their fellow refugees, who do not normally expect to see Afghan girls running in front on the track. You go girls.

We’ve also received some more good news regarding resettlement: Chile is progressing visa paperwork for 10 girls and their families. As soon as this is completed Ascend will be buying their plane tickets and the girls will be on the way to their new lives in South America. This will be quite a substantive cost to Ascend and we will be grateful for donations helping to cover this. Muchas gracias Chile.

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