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Update from Ascend

We are extremely relieved that we have been able to evacuate a number of Ascend members. However, being evacuated does not signal the end of their ordeals that started a few weeks ago. For many, it is just the beginning.

The mental trauma experienced by those evacuated is extreme and will affect them for some time to come. The horrors of what they have witnessed and injuries sustained in the mobs at the airport are significant. Working to aid them from outside Afghanistan, we have listened to their cries for help over the crackle of live gunfire at night.

This, combined with completely new surroundings, immense uncertainty and separation from loved ones, means that mental health support is paramount. We are working with several partners to deliver this whilst they are in safe havens. This support will continue for the days, weeks and months to come to minimise and lasting damage. We really appreciate your continued support for the girls as we continue to care for them - both in Afghanistan and abroad.

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