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We're honored to have many supporters choosing to direct birthday gifts to Ascend on their big day! You can easily do this using Facebook fundraisers, or tell your friends to make a gift through our website in honor of you. Thank you! And happy birthday!

How it works

Option 1

Go to your Facebook page and choose "Fundraiser." Facebook guides you through the steps. Choose Ascend as your charity, and please send us a note on Messenger so we can be sure to celebrate you too! 

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Option 2

Ask for gifts to Ascend on your special day. Your friends and family can visit our website and choose to give a gift "in honor or someone" and enter your name. We'll process the donation and provide a thank-you and receipt to the donor for tax purposes. 

Then share news of your generosity via social media, email, notice board, shouting out the window etc. 

And remember to thank everyone!

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