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Team Ascend participates in a holistic, rigorous leadership training program year-round. 


Your donation enables these Afghan girls to come together in a safe environment and train physically, mentally, and emotionally to be leaders in their communities and our world!

An average week of training consists of:

 1 day of hiking - 

3 days of other physical training - 

 2 days of leadership coursework - 

4+ hours of volunteering in the community - 


(Yes, the girls are showing up 6-7 days each week!)

This regular programming prepares the team for the 5+ training expeditions they go on each year in the Afghan backcountry. On these expeditions they experience the beauty of their country; learn mountaineering and backcountry skills; and push themselves physically and emotionally while they chase peaks. 


Throughout the year they accomplish things beyond their wildest dreams while pushing cultural boundaries, which forges new paths for women in their society.

In short, they're working to climb mountains and move mountains. You can make that happen. 

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