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We're proud to work with some of the best names in the industry. If you're interested in sponsoring or partnering with Ascend to change lives in Afghanistan, please contact 

Meet our sponsors


Program Partner

Through GIZ, the German Civil Peace Service generously donates expert training to Ascend to support our psycho-social well-being program. Afghan trainers provide essential counseling and guidance to our team as they develop self esteem and communication skills.

Sports clothing

We are proudly sponsored by Reebok who generously provide sports clothing and footwear for our yearly intake of participants. 


Base layers

Industry leaders, Aclima, provide their base layers for our participants as well as a generous financial contribution to support our work in Afghanistan.

Support Ascend with Global Rescue

Medical, security and travel assistance provider Global Rescue is our go-to for trip insurance. Follow this unique link to our landing site and buy your membership, and Ascend will receive a commission. Thank you!

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