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Press release announcing evacuations

Ascend is pleased to announce that we have successfully evacuated some of our members

from Afghanistan. The evacuees are currently in safe havens. Two families will settle in

Denmark. For the others, nothing is certain. We will continue to support them in the resettlement process.

Our deepest gratitude and appreciation to those who assisted with the rescue efforts.

We want to thank all those on the ground and around the globe whose support - advocating,

donating, sharing and amplifying our voice - helped make this happen.

With the evacuation deadline fast approaching, we are focusing our efforts on the wellbeing of those left behind.

We remain committed to our mission to empower girls. As we look to the longer term, we are

considering how Ascend will adapt its approach to carry on our work for the girls of


We will continue to advocate for the empowerment of women in Afghanistan and are assessing the best way in which to do this.

The situation remains extremely sensitive. All media enquiries must be directed to Ascend,

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