Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders in Afghanistan

Since its inception, Ascend has focused on helping Afghan girls become strong leaders in their communities. A foundational part of this training focuses on fostering psycho-social well-being. We’ve partnered with the German Development Agency (GIZ) to provide our team with courses that specialize in non-violent communication, conflict resolution, and self-expression, equipping our girls with the skills to navigate personal and professional communications scenarios.

Last week, our instructor trainees were at GIZ for an intensive train-the-trainer session on youth peace building. Over the next year, our team will host workshops and training sessions to share what they've learned with others who are dedicated to peace.

Youth peacebuilding is more important than ever. Afghanistan's young people face daily violence, even in their classrooms and college campuses. It's a brutal reminder of the context in which we work, and the unique challenges we are addressing. - Marina LeGree, Founder & Executive Director

We aren't just climbers and mountaineers; we're leaders in our community.

The emphasis on psycho-social well-being in our two-year mountaineering program contributes to our success in developing Afghan girls into community leaders. Help us continue to pave a path forward for girls in Afghanistan.

Learn more about Ascend by following us on Instagram @afghan_ascend or visiting our website. Help us continue our work by donating to our cause: can also help by joining our team for virtual yoga sessions. Sign up on our website.

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