Meet our Interns! Welcome, Zainab

Updated: Mar 22

Continuing our Meet our Interns series!

Next one out is 20 year old Zainab. She's been in Ascend’s program for two years and we have seen her self confidence and knowledge in sports and interpersonal skills grow so much! This is her third year and we wanted to make sure she stays on our team and steps up on learning how to become one of our instructors.

Zainab loves teaching and if she hadn't found Ascend she would have aimed to become a teacher. Clearly then, she loves our leadership classes but also loves to be out in the mountains rock climbing and inside improving our fitness. Her creativity shines through also outside of Ascend, when she's working with tailoring.

Her message is clear: “Women are an important part of society, so when women in society are strong then without a doubt it is a strong society!"

Help Ascend to ensure we can take on and nurture more inspiring women in our team like Zainab.

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