Meet our Interns! Welcome, Mahnaz

New day, new opportunity to meet our interns!

Today you'll meet Mahnaz! She's 21 years old and always wanted to join Ascend since other cousins have been in our program and thrived! Mahnaz loves all the aspects of our program: leadership, fitness, mountaineering, psychosocial wellbeing and the fact that the participants not only learn themselves, but also carry out a service project to give back to their communities.

Mahnaz is truly one of our hard working team members and we're so proud to have her on the path to becoming an instructor! When she's not arriving early in our gym to train or staying late to give an extra hand, she enjoys reading about yoga and climbing to learn more!

In her opinion every woman should have access to sports classes!

"The rights of women and men are the same, women should not be stuck, but grow strong and get access to knowledge as well!"


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