Meet our interns!

Ascend has grown to the point where we need more instructors! So, we've launched an internship program to create opportunities for our most dedicated team members to follow the path to becoming an instructor. They will shadow our four instructors and help organize training activities for all our participants. Since climbing and mountaineering are new to Afghanistan, we are doing our best to develop a pipeline of girls who fall in love with the sport, devote the time required to become proficient in safety and techniques, and then turn around and teach others. These girls are building a foundation of capable Afghan climbers.

We are so excited to offer this chance to six hardworking young women! Over the next few weeks we will introduce them to you.

First out is Habiba! She is 16 years old and it's her second year with Ascend. She really enjoyes the leadership classes which shines though her personality - despite her young age she has so much to contribute! Keep reading to get an insight into her strong mind. She loves to work hard on her fitness and relax in our yoga classes. Outside Ascend, Habiba is a hard working student, but enjoys having fun with friends and meeting new people! Truly a social girl, well equipped to greet our new cohort of participants this year!

Ascend’s main goal is empowering women, and here is young and promising Habiba’s reflection on that - no wonder we offered her an internship at Ascend: --- "Women have always felt weakness against men. There is always a fear inside women no matter what it is, maybe fear to be disturbed, fear to lose someone or even her own life. It is because of us women that men exist - we are the carriers of evolution! We are the future Mothers! If we are strong today, our daughters will learn how to stay independent and powerful. We all say that men are physically stronger than women, but no - the power of women is inside our minds, our thoughts and feelings! A strong woman's mind will teach her sons what a woman can do, and they will help show society the right position of a woman. I hope women themselves should learn to stay powerful in herself, without the need of a man, and that all women will have the right to raise their voice for their wellbeing and their fundamental needs."

Warmest welcome to our newest intern Habiba jan!

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